CLASSES (Fall Season 2015,2016)




Extravadance is a Competitive Dance Company. Our Dance Team Competes in at least 6 to 10 competitions performances through out the 2015/2016 Season.  They will also perform at special events throughout the season that are not competition related.  



* All payments are due on the 20th of each month with a $25 late fee. 

  • Auotmatic Payment with drawels ONLY

  • Registration $45 per child

  • Refer a friend that signs up for dance classes and receive FREE Registration.  

  • 5% off for paying September – January Tuition by August 20th, 2015

  • 5% off for paying February – June Tuition by February 20th, 2016

  • 10% off for paying September – June Tuition by September 20, 2015

  • Register 2 children – $10 off Registration

  • Register 3 children – $25 off Registration

  • Register 4 children – $35  off Registration

  • ECDC Dance Team
  • Advance Hip Hop
  • Ages 6 & up
  • Practice 30-36 hrs a month
  • Tuition Fee: $250.00 a month
  • Uniform Fee$185.00 one-time payment -Includes: Pants, Jacket, Shirt back pack gourmet bag and Shoes.
  • Performance Fee: Varies from $35.00-$65.00 Per performance. This charge is a registration fee for the showcase.


Extravdance teach and practice life skills to our Dancers.  We teach them how to promote themselves and build for their future. Extravadance not only teach self confidence in our dance but we are helping with life skills, we care and are much vested in our Dancers.
  • Career Advisory
  • Last Saturday of each the month
  • 9:am-9:45am
  • All ages
  • This is included with Package
  • Individual Dance business cards 
  • Individual Dance Website 
  • Individual Dance Resume 


Interested in being and Extravadance Team Member? Let's Talk.​

-”Our daughter Yamile Caballero always receives very good instruction in ballet and tap class. She is always excited about it and helps her to develop her dancing skill wonderfully. We are really appreciative to Extravadance. The last recital were amazing. Thank you very much Ms. Crytal & Ms. Niya.



– Osvaldo & Nuria C. ” Zahara loves her classes, she is so excited to come every week! I like the staff and the stress free environment of the studio. Keep up the good work!



” – Zakia L.“2011-2012 was my daughter’s first year with Extravadance Dance Studio. Each week she looked forward to seeing her instructors and participating her Hip Hop and Jazz classes. Lauren asks that we arrive home on time so that she may change and arrive at the studio early. Lauren’s began with strong desire to learn and dance Hip Hop. She has now developed her moves and has been able to catch on to a dance combination with ease. The Dance Recital production spotlighted the many talents of the studio. It was awesome to see the various classes from 5 year old to adults performing exciting and engaging dance selections.We’re looking FORWARD to the 2012-2013!”



– The Williams Family“My daughter had her first experience with Extravadance this summer. And she really had fun! I registered her for the ballet class this school year. Overall she enjoyed the summer intensive class. I’m looking forward to her learning more technique in ballet this year…she’s a late bloomer in dance!!!”


– Tammy R.“We love the program and the new website is very convenient for parents. Jul loves coming to dance.” – Latisha J


-“Thank you again for helping to make my mother-in-law’s 92nd birthday celebration an enjoyable time for everyone! She was tapping her feet and watching every step and movement of each of the dancers. She told us that she was really surprised and enjoyed the performances very much. The other residents, visitors and staff of the nursing home also expressed their delight. My family and I were overcome with joy and appreciation for how well things turned out thanks to you and your team of dancers. I wish you all the best!” – Michelle W.