Extravadance believes dance is a gift and a skill that should be accessible for everyone. We have acknowledge and understand how the experience of dance can have on an individual’s life. Therefore we do not want financial hardship to prohibit students from participating in the Extravadance Competitive Dance Company. 

At the same time our scholarships are primarily for those who consider dance to be a PRIORITY in their life, yet after making personal sacrifices cannot afford the financial cost. If you believe you (or your family) fit this criteria, we welcome you to submit the scholarship application on this page. 


Please read the following important notes before applying for a scholarship:


1) We can only accept 10 Dancers per year for Competition Season only. Scholarships do NOT cover any portion of registration fees, competition fees, costume fees, or Summer Classes. In other words, you will need to be able to cover those fees on your own.


2) Scholarships cover a portion of dance class tuition ranging from 30% to 100%. The portion is completely variable, depending on the unique situation. If you are awarded a partial scholarship, you will still be responsible for your reduced tuition rate, just like any regular student. Whatever your portion may be, if you are late you will be charged late fees, and will be suspended from the program if the balance is not paid in a timely manner. 


3) Only one scholarship application is needed per family. The application includes all participating family members. 


4) Scholarships are awarded based on our sole opinion and discretion. This is a Private Program. There are many factors which may affect the availability of scholarships. Not everyone who applies will receive a scholarship.


5) In addition to scholarship awards, we may consider bartering for certain services that would be beneficial to Extravadance. (For example: Performance facial Makeup, handyman repair, advertising exposure, studio maintenance, Team bonding) Again this is at our sole discretion, and there are only so many services we need so please do not take offense if we do not have need for your service at this time.


6) We reserve the right to revoke scholarships at any time for any reason. All students must follow our  Dancers Policy


7) We will generally give you an answer within 2 weeks. If you do not hear from us in that time frame, please email us at We may also contact you to get additional information.


8) Please respect our decision. Awards are not open for negotiation, unless we are specifically exchanging for a service you are providing.