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September 12th 2015

Time: 1pm -2:30pm 

Ricki Huff



Ricki Huff is a local DMV choreographer and dancer that recently received an Associates Degree in Dance Performance. Ricki began training in many dance forms but fell in love with Hip Hop during his tie in high school. Though he finds an interest mostly in Hip Hop Ricki continues to train in different types of dance with the hopes of achieving a Bachelors in Dance Education one day. Most recently Ricki has jumped on board with a local studio, 24/7 Dance Studio, in Fredrick MD as their Hip Hop crew director giving him an opportunity to educate and work with some of the studios dancers at an advanced level. Ricki will also be spending time in LA with renowned choreographer Leslie Scott assisting her classes in Hollywood, help her set choreography on a dance team, and intern for her organization E.D.I.F.Y Movement. He looks forward to what the future holds and is alway reminded to keep God first.

Date: August 22, 2015  




Come join Extravadance Hip Hop Master Class" and turn up! with Thomas White, AKA Thom his intensive talent creates a dynamic class of choreography, technicality and a burst of high energy, featuring some of the most talented choreographers in the DMV of hip hop dance.  Get your tickets NOW!!!!! Spots are limited!! 



Places Thom have Performed at:

7/11 Dancer/Choreographer University of the Arts (UArts)

Vice Dancer Celine Edmondson, UArts

Dansu 􀎼􀏯􀎵􀀁􀀁􀀁􀀁􀀁􀀁􀀁􀀁􀀁􀀁􀀁􀀁􀀁􀀁􀀁􀀁􀀁􀀁􀀁􀀁􀀁􀀁􀀁􀀁􀀁􀀁􀀁Dancer/Choreographer Shut Up & Dance, Forrest Theatre

Sophomore Project Dancer Sidra Bell, Merriam Theater

Ghost Choreographer UArts

LIGHTS Dancer Celine Edmondson, UArts

SEVEN Choreographer UArts

Homelanding Dancer Jesse Zaritt, Merriam Theater

Artists Making Movement Dancer/Choreographer 2014 Midtown Village Festival

RAW Artists Showcase 2014 Dancer/Choreographer Trocadero Theatre

Taste of Africa 2012 Dancer/Choreographer Penn State University

DC-Capital Stars Finalist Dancer Kennedy Center

Ricki Huff

Gabriel “Marrs” 

October 24th 2015

Time: 1pm -2:30pm 

Gabriel “Marrs” 


Gabriel “Marrs” Thomas, affectionately known as Gabe, has been dancing all of his life, but got serious about dancing in the 10th grade. Gabriel joined and began choreographing for Meade High Schools dance team in 11th grade under the direction of Paula Levere. Changing schools, Gabriel also became captain of the Friendly High School dance team in 12th grade under the direction of Sherrill Lilly. While on Friendly High Schools dance team, Gabriel & company performed at various local high schools and even PG County Community College. Also, Gabriel began teaching dance classes in high school for his fellow peers during the school day. After graduating from High School, Gabriel attended Morgan State University. During his first year in college, Gabe’s dance crew back home “DizConekted” made up of himself (co-creative director) and Nathaniel Jackson (Founder/Creative Director), was formed and began doing shows. Their credits include dancing for the likes of Scola (formerly of Dru Hill) and even landing a contract with an upcoming entertainment show called “Street Jams TV”. Also, Gabriel began working with Paula Levere again in the “Dance Happens” organization during his first year in college, growing more as a choreographer as he was challenged to make fun and entertaining dance combos for the children in the company. Going in to his second year at Morgan State University, Gabriel decided to branch out on his own and start his own dance crew while away at school named “Visual Audio” as its founder & creative director he held auditions and has an amazing crew that has been invited to perform at Towson University by Sigma Lambda Gamma & Allure Dance Troupe numerous times. Visual Audio has also performed at various events on Morgan’s Campus such as homecoming events & different showcases. In 2012, Gabriel decided to leave Morgan & pursue his dance career full time. Currently, Gabriel is in his fourth year working at “Dance Happens Inc.” as the co-creative director, teaching dance classes at Coppin State University, teaching competition pieces at Extravadance, pursuing his solo dance career, while also choreographing for multiple DMV artists such as J. Marie, Something Special, Beyonka Maire, & Victoria Petty. Aside from dancing, Gabriel is also a bass guitarist in a band named “JQG” (Just Quiet Gentlemen) & "Daybreak" along with a pianist, drummer, & two singers. They have been asked to perform at various places in the Baltimore area such as, Lux Lounge, The Haven, and other clubs.

Ricki Huff